About Us

The CCIM Institute was established in 1954 to give commercial real estate practitioners a previously unrealized opportunity to further their business practices through focused education and networking opportunities.

Today, with the addition of advanced technology tools, CCIM is the global leader in commercial and investment real estate education and services. And the coveted CCIM designation, recognized as a hallmark of professional competency, affords members an undisputed competitive advantage.

The Kansas City chapter of CCIM is one of the largest and most active in the country, providing personal, professional and business development as well as regular monthly meetings, quality real estate education, networking opportunities and candidate guidance. You do not need to be a CCIM designee or even pursuing the designation to be a member of our local chapter and enjoy the many benefits of membership. 



VALUES:  Fiscally Responsible * Ethical * Professional * Regional * Relationship Driven * State of the Art * Inclusive

MISSION:  Providing the Kansas City region the competitive advantage for success in commercial real estate through networking and education.

VISION:  To be the Kansas City regional leader in commercial real estate education and networkingthrough engaging, innovative, and progressive programs.